Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Organic and Inorganic SEO

Before optimize your site you have to understand the different strategy of search engine optimization and which one is best for your bussiness, its depends on your whether you want instant or long term output. mainly in search engline optimization there is two types of strategy follow one is Organic seo and second  Inorganic seo.

Organic search engine optimization: Organic seo is a methods of getting high ranking in search engine without paying any amount to search engine for placement.This is more preferable and trustworthy method of getting high rank on Search engine result page because  usually user’s clicks on organically optimized sites, keep site rank for long time period and organic seo is cheaper. In organic seo you have to wait for your result because it will take more time then Inorganic seo.Organic seo suited for all types of online business.

Inorganic search engine optimization: Inorganic seo includes paid services like Pay Per Click, Cost Per Click, banner ads, classifieds etc. if you wants immediate results you can go with inorganic seo, inorganic seo gives you instant results and you have to pay advertiser each time when user clicks on your can also find more traffic in sort time period. Inorganic seo is not affordable for all kinds of business.

If you launch your online business for long time, I will suggest you prefer organic seo for best results beside Inorganic seo.


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